What do you want to see on a political party’s website?

We’re reviewing the DA’s main website at the moment. It was built in 2003, and it’s long overdue for a revamp.

We’ve got what I think are some pretty cool ideas to make it fresh, interesting and entertaining – for example, we’ve picked up a few ideas from Barack Obama (although he probably spends more on his website and online presence than the DA’s entire annual operational budget) and the LibDems in the UK, among others.

But I’d love to get some input from users, web designers and online marketers about what they think would make an excellent party website. So I’ll keep our specific ideas to myself for the moment. I don’t want to influence or limit any innovative ideas that may be out there.

Our current website is functional and informative, and we’ve had a few compliments from visitors over the years about its user-friendliness. Its search engine is pretty limited, but it is fairly easy to navigate, so it’s quite easy to find what you’re looking for. But that’s the point – it serves those users who are looking for something on the DA’s website very well.

I want to attract those people who are not necessarily setting out to find the Democratic Alliance, or a particular statement or discussion document or policy. I want to attract people who are interested in politics – however deeply or superficially – and everyone is interested in some aspect of politics to some extent. Everyone has an opinion to share or a question to ask, or both. Think about the last dinner party you went to. Politics invariably comes up. So how do we make our website more interesting for those people?

We want to make our website more widely marketable, and reach many more DA supporters and potential supporters. And, of course, we want to increase our number of return visitors and newsletter subscribers. In our business, the primary conversions are from undecided voter to DA supporter in an election campaign, and from DA supporter to DA supporter that goes out and votes. But, between elections, a new subscriber or a regular visitor represents a successful conversion on our website.

So what do you think? What would make you more likely to visit a political party’s website (whether or not you’re a committed supporter of that party)? What would catch your attention? And what would make you want to return on a regular basis?

Finally, if anyone is interested in quoting on our new site, let me know and I’ll send you the brief once we’ve finalised it.


1 Response to “What do you want to see on a political party’s website?”

  1. 1 Mike Baker 19 March 2008 at 3:14 pm

    It may be an idea to have links to weekly stories by and about the DA in the various news media… Its nice to see the media impact and circulation of what we are doing. Not sure how possible or manageable that may be.

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