New DA blog on Eskom load shedding

Shedding LightLast week, we set up a new blog for the DA to write about Eskom’s load-shedding and other energy-related matters. We’ve called it “Shedding Light“.

We want to shed light on the energy crisis using all avenues at our disposal – parliamentary questions, portfolio committees and other sources – and make that information available to the public. But we also want to hear from anyone who’s got a good idea, who wants to comment on our ideas, or who just wants to vent, and have someone take note.

We do post our press releases to the main DA website; but, besides sending an email using one of the maillinks on the “Contact the DA” page, it’s rather limited to one-way communication. We’ve picked up from emails we’ve received over the last couple of weeks that there’s a lot of interest in engaging us on this issue, and we’d like to hear from the public and experts alike – especially on our proposed solutions.

So have a look at the new blog, and let us know what you think.


7 Responses to “New DA blog on Eskom load shedding”

  1. 1 Paul Jacobson 5 February 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Fantastic idea! I suggest you consider setting up the blog on a subdomain on the DA site: perhaps …

  2. 2 ahazell 6 February 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’m looking into it. The advantage of using the free platform is that I can do it myself without having to go through finance, IT and other service providers (hosting our domain). In other words, it can be set up really quickly 🙂


  3. 3 Riaan Oosthuysen 11 March 2008 at 11:59 am

    The executive management of Eskom performed to such an extent over the past three years that long term performance bonuses of R10,3 million will be paid to them on 31 March 2008. The question is; how is it possible that South Africa is sitting without electricity while the government owned company that is responsible for power generation will pay out “performance” bonuses. The answer lies in the nature and the performance measurement criteria of these bonuses.

    To read more visit under heading ESKOM MANAGEMENT TO RECEIVE “PERFORMANCE”

    It is now time to stop payout of the bonuses. Voice your concern. Visit

    Newsletter with recognition of a partner of Powergroup. Contact us if you want to partner with Powergroup.

    Riaan Oosthuysen

  4. 4 ahazell 11 March 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for the comment Riaan. We did a post on Shedding Light about the bonuses, and have linked to your site and petition from that post.

  5. 5 Riaan Oosthuysen 18 March 2008 at 10:36 am

    Power Shedding

    Power Shedding is back, at least in Gauteng. I’m not sure what is happening in the rest of the country but I presume it happening everywhere. I’ve listened to the traffic reports this morning, spoke to some people and received a lot of report of inconvenience and disruptions.

    We called the Powergroup into life during January this year in the mist of Load Shedding. Shortly thereafter Load Shedding stopped and everybody was happy again. This weeks Load Shedding according to Eskom is due to ‘n sudden demand of Electricity due to the cold weather. This of course is just ‘n forerunner in the small for the winter on hands. What’s happening now will just repeat on a much bigger scale in the winter to come. In the mean time at least 4 of Eskom generators are out of commission. This just reflects back to the reports brought out by which indicated a lack of planning and maintenance on the whole Electricity grit.

    In the mean time Eskom shifts the blame to the consumer. They show their teeth and indicate if we do not use less power we will feel their grunt. I agree, we must use less electricity to get through this crisis, but we must also demand heads to roll of people who are the authors of this crisis and replace them with competent people who does not only do the talk, but also do the walk. If one’s look at Eskom’s financial statements it is clear on their own account that they are the only authors of the electricity crisis.

    Million of people had billions of damages due to mismanagement of Eskom and it is time to claim back that was taken away en pressurize Eskom and Government to implement a plan of action and not just talk about it.

    I spoke to a lot op people who indicated that what will it help to take on a giant like Eskom. There is a duty on everyone of us to act now. If we do not act we will give Eskom and the Government the green light to proceed with mismanagement. Just look at our roads, look at our municipalities, look at the state of our rivers, and look at the state of service in government organizations. Government organizations are kept alive by business that is forced to do the work of Government officials if business wants to keep the economy alive. I see at the Masters Office, Magistrate Courts, and Municipality Offices. How long will we tolerate this?

    I’ve been criticized that I am using emotions and religion to make profit out of an unfortunate crisis in the country. I’ve been criticized that I am busy with touting. I believe that God uses people to bring change about. This means that God will use people to turn our country back to the country it is supposed to be. I am willing to stand up and make a difference. Are you?

    If everyone runs away from the problems in our beautiful South Africa with all of its opportunities, I will stil be here because I believe in this country. I know what God has in store for this Country and I know that I’ve got a purpose in this country, do you?

    I the mean time Eskom bosses cant wait for the 31 of March 2008 due in 13 days when they will receive an huge bonus of more than R10 Million for allowing this Electricity crises and all we can do is complain, criticize en point fingers but doing nothing, I repeat nothing at all. When will we wake up? When will we put our money where our mouth is?

    Powergroup is waiting in anticipation for South Africans and anybody who wants to make a difference in this beautiful country. Powergroup with their experts are already in the position to prove in court that Eskom was negligent in managing electricity in South Africa. According to their own financial statements there is more than enough money available to build more power stations and to pay out damages to people who have been hit hard by this crisis. This has been so for the last 10 years. If we do not act, where will we be in 10 years?

    If we unite and stand together we will be the Giant who can force Eskom and Government to act now and we can be through this crisis before we know it. Thereafter we as citizens wil be able to force municipalities and governmental institutions to perform the duties and restore our country to the state it is supposed to be.

    Riaan Oosthuysen

  6. 6 Anthony muraya Kamagu 13 October 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Im going deter a bit from the topic. Eskom has planning to build a (CSP)concentrated solar power 100mw plant since 1999, that is how long its been on the table for. in early 2007 they applied to neras for the go ahead on sep 14 they were given the go ahead,and they did absoulutely nothing all they do is mess around when it comes to RENEWABLE energy and finally this year, Due to their own missmangement and their own wrong doing they produce a loss of around R12 billion,and they cann the csp which could have powered 60 000 homes and the Give Jacob Maraga a super salary increase R 3 to 5M and given SA a a good stance on Global warming, and to end Off the Final Blow They are planning to build 40 new Coal powered stations which will most certainly affect the air quality, we might as well put a gun to our heads at the rate eskom going.

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